Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This or That Beauty Tag

Hello lovelies!

Last Friday I was tagged by Brittney of True Vintage Love in to take part in a Beauty Tag questionnaire. For those of you who read my blog often you may not know but I do love quality make up. I may not post about it enough or do tutorials but I love to play dress up on my face from time to time. For the most part, I go for the essentials: foundation, BB cream primer, concealer, neutral color eyeshadow with cat eye liner, blush/bronzer and lipstick. Less is more in my case but I feel having good coverage is a plus.
Anyway, on to le questions.

1.Blush or Bronzer: I rotate depending on mood. Though I have used them together.
2.Lipgloss or Lipstick: Lipstick.
3.Eyeliner or Mascara: Eyeliner. Love a good cat eye.
4.Foundation or Concealer: Foundation.
5.Natural or Colored Eye Shadow: Natural.
6.Press or Loose Eye Shadow: Pressed. 
7.Brush or Sponge: Brush.

1.Opi or China Glaze: I personally do not really have a preference but I do like the way Opi look on my nails.
2.Long or Short: Short is always better for me. But sometimes change is good.
3.Acrylic or Natural: Natural. Acrylic always ruins my nails.
4.Bright or dark: It depends on my mood or the season. 
5.Flower or No flower: Floral prints are fun.

1.Perfume or Body Splash: Perfume. 
2.Lotion or Body Butter: Lotion.
3.Body Wash or Soap: Body wash. Soap always leaves a residue for some reason.
4.Lush or other: Other? I think we are talking about the brand. I personally never tried Lush but I have heard good things about it.

1.Jeans or Sweat Pants: Jeans, I hate sweats unless its -5 with a wind chill factor.(I live in Texas, so never :p)
2.Long or Short Sleeves: Long sleeves are the best. Too hot here though.
3.Dress or Skirt: Dresses! Dresses! Dresses! I do love a good midi skirt though.
4.Scarves or Hat: Both! Love layers.
5.Studs or Dangling earrings: Studs.
6.Necklace or Bracelet: Both!
7.Heels or Flat: I love a good kitten heel. Does that count as a flat? :D
8.Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots: Riding boots.
9.Jackets or Hoodies: Jackets. 
10.Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe: Charlotte Russe. I love forever 21 but Charlotte has a more eclectic selection.

1.Curly or Straight: As a natural curly girl of course I love straight. But as of late I have been rocking the curls.
2.Bun or Pony Tail: Bun.
3.Bobby pins or Butterfly clip: Bobby pins are magical.
4.Hairspray or Gel: Hairspray.
5.Long or Short: Long.
6.Dark or Light: Dark. On me at least.
7.Side swept or Full Fringe: Either one is a win. I just cut my bang but I still can side swipe.
8.Up or down: Down, I get migraines from pulling my hair too tight.

1.Rain or Shine: I love sunny and clear skies.
2.Summer or Winter: Winter.
3.Fall or Spring: Fall 
4.Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla!

I would like to tag:
• Paige of Whimsy Darling
• Suzanne from A Coin for the Well
• Amy of ART of the HEART
• Anyone else who wants to do it! ;)

Hope you enjoyed my share about beauty preferences. I am not a beauty blogger but as said earlier I do love make up. I actually never really liked it until I started college and got brave. Also, I want to say for the record I totally want these items for Christmas. I know I shouldn't even think about Christmas but I am thinking about it already!

Stila In the Moment Palette, Stila In the Light Palette & last but not least...URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE! UGH! WANT,WANT,WANT! That's all for now. Happy Tuesday ya'll!


  1. Oh my goodness, lipstick and perfume all the wayyy! But I do love me some sweats, haha. That's all I wear around the house.

  2. This was cute. :) How do you choose between eyeliner and mascara?! The Naked palette has been on my Christmas list for quite some time, now.

    xo Ashley

    1. I know right! I mean I where both. But I will say that sometimes I just do eyeliner and a eyelash curler on the go. I hope I get either of the 3 or anything Urban Decay, Stila, or Sugarpill. It would be a great addition. I need new liner though. What would you say is a good(no crease, all day, no fade) liner?

  3. This was so fun to read! I found we have a lot in common! Loving the wishlist too, I have both NAKED palettes and I actually prefer the NAKED 2.

  4. Thanks again for tagging me! Here is my entry that I posted in response!

    A Coin For the Well