Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2 Ways to Wear Your Denim: Style Remix

Hello AGAIN! Today's remix is all about Denim. I got some nifty colored denim from Plato's Closet. (once my style secret) I wanted to remix it today and with the cooler temps I was able to. I paired it with a collared shirt and a vintage hawaiian print baby doll shift dress I got from Noirohio Vintage back in 2008. I love this print and this dress. I also got to rock my leopard print hat that I haven't worn in forever. I forget where I got that one. I am pretty sure I got it for Christmas or something of the sort.
-Here's how I wore it in a September Blog Post with an orange cardigan, floral shirt and boots.-
-And here is how I wore it today!-
Vintage Hawaiian Print Shift Dress: Noirohio Vintage
Peachy Polka Crop Top: Rue 21
Levi's Cigarette Denim: Plato's Closet @ Greenway Plaza
Belt: Thrifted
Suede Ankle Boots: Target

So, your denim outfit doesn't always have to be a drab jeans and tee look. I am always looking for new ways to wear my closet favorites. You can dress up your denim and look fab in no time! Just find your favorite denim and a few of your favorite dresses then, match them together and voile! New outfit!

On another note I just got home from a lovely dinner with my darling. We went to get pho at our local vietnamese noodle house. Delish! It is always a good choice. Fast Service and delicious food for a great price. Here are the rest of my oufit photos and dinner date pictures.
Happy Wednesday!
Finally, I have officially received my grants for my last semesters in college! Yay! I'm almost done and I couldn't be happier! Hence, the picture below. ;)


  1. I love both looks with the denim! The printed blouse with the pineapples on is awesome!

  2. Love that you paired it with the vintage dress, utilizing it in a different manner, very smart combination! Oh and that food, major yum.

  3. This is a beautiful mix of Fall colors! Well done! Also, now my mouth is watering.... Heh.

    - Anna

  4. as cute as the outfits and as delicious-looking the food, my favorite photo is the last one! just gorgeous!

  5. This is such a cute look. I love the fall colors! I used to wear jeans under my dresses when I was young actually, for a grunge-y look, but this is so pretty!

    xo Ashley