Monday, September 30, 2013

Warwick Avenue

Hello all! I cannot get enough of Duffy at the moment. This outfit is wholly inspired by her style from her 2009 album "Warwick Avenue". Everything except the umbrella and belt was thrifted. Funny story! The skirt worn in this post is actually the first skirt I ever wore/posted on my blog/lookbook in 2010. Oh, how I have changed since then. To be honest it feels like 50 years ago. Today has been quite rough for me. I have been feeling extremely weak and tired. I was suffering from migraines all day long and finally took a nap. I started feeling a lot better after that. Then, I had some dinner and found the energy to actually do my eye make up and at least look better than I feel. It seems like it worked. I felt better afterwards. :D I went for a smoky eye and some mascara no liner with a bold Russian Red lip by MAC. Hope you lovelies are having a good first day of the week.

Striped Top: Thrifted(H81 @F21)
Vintage MIDI Circle Skirt: Thrifted(old)
Bow Belt:  Ruche
Studded Heels: Thrifted

See how I wore it then.
And here's how I wore it today.


  1. I love this outfit so much but what I love the most is that your lip matches your skirt! :) I have never tried the Russian Red, I don't know if I am too pale for it but I definitely want to try it now!

    ♥ Brittney @ True Vintage Love

  2. Soo gorgeous! I LOVE that skirt and I love the idea of "reusing" an item from an old OOTD. So cute. I really like your shoes and umbrella too.

  3. Love the combination! Also, I nominated you for the liebster award. Hope to hear from you soon :)

  4. I think you have an amazing blog.
    I really love your style.
    Def. follow your blog.
    Keep it up, it's beautiful.

  5. love your skirt and top! you look gorgeous<3

    Letters To Juliet

  6. Your outfit is aaawwwesome! And you pull that scarf of just beautifully! Work it girl! :)
    Carla @ Love Cartista

  7. love that skirt, you look so pretty :) xo

  8. Lovely revamp my dear, big fan of that red skirt!

  9. Beautiful outfit, the skirt is such a gorgeous colour!

  10. Love your outfit !!

  11. Love that skirt! The shape is so cute and feminine. Great belt too!

  12. LOVE that skirt! So cute. I love Duffy as well! Such a great look to interpret the album!


  13. Love this look. I don't know why but red lips really is the best accessory for striped tops. Well that and winged or twiggy eyeliner. Anyway sorry to hear about your migraine, yikes.

  14. This is a beautiful classic pairing! I love that splash of prints with the umbrella! <3

    - Anna

  15. What a beautiful skirt! I actually love both looks... although I have an affinity for stripes so the striped top combo is right up my alley!

    xo Paige