Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Trip to San Antonio April 2013

Dan and I went to San Antonio a couple months ago and we had quite the time. We went to this old saloon turned museum and snapped a few photos. :D I loved it. I would love to go back sometime. It was really special since it was our first trip out of town together. :D Enjoy!


  1. Cool photos, looks like you had a really good time there! Love the pictures of the flowers and the awesome print mix in your outfit! :)

  2. LOL ya'll are dorks :) If you took I-10 all the way to San Antonio, you totally passed my hometown! :D

  3. Great photos! I've never been to San Antonio but I would love to go. Looks like a really interesting museum.

  4. I love San Antonio! It is so rustic and dry! I'll be going that way next week going to California!

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  5. Oh you guys are too adorable, definitely looked like you both enjoyed your time there!