Saturday, September 14, 2013

MY LIFE: On Instagram

Life is something I feel like a lot of folks are not going out to experience because we get so sucked in to the web and being social on the web at all times. So, today and tomorrow I will try to break loose from it and go about enjoying my birthday. I will of course blog about it but not immediately. I post later this week. Here are my instagram posts of the last few weeks. I'll be back in full force on Monday. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I love all these cute instagram pictures,
    especially the one on which you're wearing
    such an amazing blue gingham dress,
    you look so lovely in it. ;)

  2. the lightning leggings are so cool!

  3. So many lovely pictures. Really cool nails too.

  4. how AMAZING are those lightning leggings? I can't get over it.

    xo marlen
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