Sunday, September 1, 2013

Birthday Season

The past two weeks marked birthday season for me because most of the people I love have birthdays in and around my own in August, September & October with my own being on September 15th. My brother's birthday was the 23rd of August, friend Ethan's was on the 27th, and my Darling Dan's was on the 29th. We haven't completely celebrated his birthday yet but I asked my Lovely friend Taylor if she would make a cake for me. She makes customized cakes for almost any occasion. And since Dan loves Godzilla and Ultraman I had asked her to make this cake of Godzilla attacking a town chibi style! It came out so much more amazing than the picture I gave her as a reference. She did a fantastic job and it is sooooo delicious. If you would like her to make a cake for you, feel free to leave your contact information and request in the comments section of this post. We are working on getting her a nice website to get her started as she does great work. Happy Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my, she did such a wonderful job at the cake and you're a great girlfriend for thinking of getting that! :)