Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to Black

I've been seeing all these back to school blog posts and I start classes next Monday so I guess this is appropriate. I miss Amy Winehouse and this dress made me think of her. :'[

This outfit was almost completely thrifted. My blouse was a find from this lovely lady from my old job named Janis. She did not want this shirt anymore as it was too big for her but I loved this print and the oversizing wasn't an issue. So I got it from her for FREE! :D The dress and boots were thrifted as well. My hat is from Target and sunnies from LoveCulture. Below are the rest of my details from this outfit.

My awesome photographer making a wonderful face. I promise he is much cuter and adorable when he isn't making this face. Love him!


  1. Quite love the jumper! Such a perfect choice for the Fall, super great for layering as well. :)

  2. Aaw omg this is so cute! Love the layered blouse and dress! And such cute boots too! You look adorable! :)

  3. hello dear, you look amazing
    thanks for selecting me for the award
    i will do a post ASAp
    just followed you on GFC no11
    have a great weekend and take care