Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nail Stickers!!

Good Morning!
I was curious about nail stickers and tried it last night! This was the right handed result.
Sadly my left hand was not so lucky. :(
Anyway I got it at RUE21 a while ago but it was not the best. I will be trying this again. Very soon! If you have tried out the nail sticker craze let me know how it went for you! Leave a comment about your story.
Toodles for now! :D


  1. ohh I love the chevron!! cute! I don't bother with nail art because I often fail. x.x

    1. Me too. I had several failed attempts before this. HAHA

  2. yeah they are a bit sucky, that's why I just have one nail be the focal when I use the stickers! :p

  3. I know. I may go to a salon and give them this picture to work with. :D