Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Can we start again?

For some reason or another I have been listening to Killswitch Engage and a lot of metal. Seems like I am going back to my roots. Anywho,this is one of the first posts I am doing with items I order from Wholesale-Dress.net I about a 5/6 in most dresses. 3/4 on a good day. I have heard many rumors and reviews about wholesale being entirely too small for a woman with my figure. Truth is, it depends on the cut and how stretchy the material is. I love everything I got so far. Only one dress was too small. It is definitely cut for a really tiny not so top heavy female. However, buying on Wholesale is all about the hunt. Find a dress about a size or 2 larger than you and it should be perfect. Also, "free size" can tricky but check the specs on the measurements in correspondence to your own. Have fun shopping and there is a little something for everyone on there. Check it out.

All Bows Dress - Wholesale Dress
belt - from another dress
Deena & Ozzy Wedge Lace ups - Urban Outfitters
All Jewelry - Glitter(jewelry shop)
Colored Leopard Print Bow Headband - Glitter

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